Lookbook A/W 2018
Kite and Butterfly, Hollywood Hills
Planning, Concept & Styling
Kiss from Fleur
Lofthaus Studio 14c
Bridal Dresses
Kite and Butterfly
Cornelia Lietz
Hair and Make up
Simone Kostian
Nice Plume
Heart of Gold Designs
Eva Staudinger

Outsmarting gravity and reaching for the stars. Flying to the moon to look at the world from another perspective. Forgetting realism, whereas surrealism creates featherly remembrances. Brave and confident , we are conquering spheres beyond the reaches, in which transcendency and elegance complement each other and are given wings to a bride.


The actual collection of designer twin sister duo Kite and Butterfly is about supernatural easiness and lightheartness. With their celestial dresses they found a new interpretation of the spirit of the 70s and positioned them on a up to now unfathomed look.


A magical lookbook shoot should set these sensual creations in scene. A task just made for the fashion stylist inside me, starting immediately with the organisation and planning of their brand styling. I brought moon and stars down from the sky and took them to our location, where they can not only be rediscovered at the puristic back walls , but apparently also within the opulescent industry floor.


For hippies of a modern era, which wrap conventions around their fingers and lay the foundation for own traditions. For flower people of modernity which are bound up with nature but also are addicted to abstract opportunites of magic. For trancendental fabulous beings, half-butterfly, half-human.


Ethereal fabric panels, being as barely existent, draping the bride in tangible lucency. As on a cloud out of grace and elegance, she feels how the floor under her feet is slowly vanishing. She is wearing gleamy luminiaries around her neck and inside her hair, as a symbol for her urge to explore distant galaxies. Accompained by gossamer, colourful multitude mariposa alongside, she yielded the desire and comes to life to discover external sites.


In her fantasy she is leaving paleness and minimalism behind her and surrounds herself by the subtle signs of autumn as lumious earthtones and asymmetry. She is trading gold against flower accessoires and let herself, in hippie-style, inspired by the light and the frangrances of mother nature…