Paraportiani Church, Mykonos
Planning, Concept & Styling
Kiss from Fleur
Cornelia Lietz
Petridis LV
Bridal Dress
Vasia Tzotzopoulou
Heart of Gold Designs
Lilac and White

We are inspired by romance that breaks conventions.

Love and imperfect beauty found in shadows and dreams, in windswept landscapes and spontaneous adventures.

An ethereally divine sheer silk gown with delicate handmade crochet detailing amidst exposed washed white brick walls, simple and elegant, inspired by movement and fluidity, hugging our muses body before blown away by the island of the wind.

Taken away by the serene beauty, we found in this intimate ceremony place, bleached out of all colour, infinite light and tranquil enchantment.

A majestic medieval cathedral, located along Mykonos Town shoreline, represents itself spectacular in simplicity, staged against colourless silvery water, offering a mood of balance, sparsity and purity – an antidote to everything that is over-styled in weddings, with props, clutter and trends, and distracts from the moment itself.

Pulled from another realm, a rare barnacle statement headpiece offers  unexpected styling and stunning extension of theme for a ceremony by the sea. Oversized it seems as it was found in the deep sea of the ancient Hellenic Nereids, and  it works beautifully against our bride´s sheer silk dress and takes her to a divine level.