Bridal Concept Boutique
Brautblüte, Krefeld
Bina Terré
Kiss from Fleur

With a pair of stunning floral wings I recently pursued Jenna’s idea to design a unique highlight and simultaneously an innovative marketing tool for her bridal concept boutique, which also gave a fragrant emphasis on her corporate identity.

With no way to be overlooked, artfully flower wings are gracing now the hallway of the exclusive boutique and are inviting the bride-to-be´s to look for their perfect dress. The photographic proof, with or without bridesmaids, follows in front of the flowery eyecatcher. Show the world of Instagram how proud you are to be a „Brautblüte“.

At the beginning of November 2018the same ambiance will also conquer Düsseldorf. Jenna will open a new concept store in the international fashion capital, in the context of development of a bespoke concept as well as exceedingly interior design. Therefore, we are currently liaising closely with each other.

Now, you long can you wait before you take a photo in front of the magnificent flower wings? This is why you need to arrange your individual appointment with Jenna as soon as possible and find your bridal gown in Krefeld or Düsseldorf. Don’t forget to tag your memorable visit at Instagram. #flowerwings #brautblüte