Follow us to Alchimeia. To the ultimate PORTFOLIO BUILDING Experience.

 APRIL 14 – 16th 2021 at DEXAMENES, GREECE

A wedding Photography and Videography Workshop hosted by Dexamenes, a design hotel in Peloponnese.

Alchimeia – The first curated Destination Portfolio Building retreat with Kiss from Fleur and Ellwed Magazine.

Let’s connect on this ultimate Portfolio Building Retreat and discover the secret luxuries of Peloponnese together. Where you will be able to revive and enhance your brand with your new conceptualised editorials.

Alchimeia is for photographers and videographers who love the world of weddings, romance, high-end fashion and bespoke Greece.

Moreover Alchimeia is exclusively designed for our retreat by Anna-Jill of Kiss from Fleur with her unique aesthetics and specially selected elements from internationally sourced vendors.

Above all, immerse yourself in this experience and capture the essence of Anna-Jill’s designs of this exclusive editorial, which she has prepared solely for you. And even more, convey the beauty of her vision in your own work to enhance your portfolio at Alchimeia !

“ALCHIMEIA is the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life. As with alchemy, turn your base into gold, find your own universal elixir to elevate your brand!”

Alchemy / noun

The medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir – a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Greek Α λ χ η μ ε ι α - khēmeia - art of transmuting basic metals into gold

Become an Alchemist and transform your base into gold with us this October 14-16th in Dexamenes, Greece at Alchimeia! Completely immerse yourself in the 3 days luxury magical experience and transform your brand.

The aim of  Alchimeia Portfolio Building Retreat is to find and develop your own style and stimulate your artistic approach, while capturing romantically ethereal editorials at one of the top up and coming destinations in Greece!


This is not just another workshop.


You will creatively evolve, unwind, be one with your inner self and get inspired while capturing stylishly curated projects. You will learn how to work closely with a wedding stylist to depict the true essence of the shoot.


Anna-Jill will guide you through the process of capturing the essence of Alchimeia. By explaining the mood behind her vision, you will learn to create a cohesive story throughout any event. Therefore, join us and like-minded creatives for this mini retreat at this five star beachfront Dexamenes resort.


This experience is tailored for you to.


Grow your business and experience the art of bespoke fashion-led editorial shoots.

Travel with us to this undiscovered inspirational indulgence on the Ionian Coast.

Immerse yourself in this curated experience that will leave your creativity invigorated.

Capture the moments and the mood of this conceptualized bridal inspiration with fashion aesthetics.

Experience the new way of observing and shooting while being mentored on the set.


From conversations about style, aesthetics and how to capture real emotions, to relaxing moments like group gatherings and exciting breakfasts by the beach.

You will expand your portfolio of Alchimeia to this unique magazine-worthy bridal inspiration from Europe’s top wedding destination and vendors from around the world.

So, take the opportunity to capture this exclusive bridal editorial at one of the top locations in Greece and use it for your marketing.



Make Yourself and Your brand a Priority in this retreat




To ensure that you will have enough time to capture every detail, the proper mood in your own unique way which will enhance your creativity.


To connect at this wedding photography and videography workshop with others, network and talk with the team about your personal questions about business and creativity, growth, marketing and branding.


Together with the professionals from fashion and wedding industry featured on blogs and magazines like Style me Pretty, Brides, Vogue, Elle and more, you will develop your own sense for aesthetics and artistic eye for modern wedding photography.


Dive into the creative process of how to portray emotional storytelling and transfer the vision of the shoot into editorial narrative. With these experienced pros, you will learn all about proper submission process, true-to-yourself branding, where to find inspiration, how to brief your team to capture real emotions and realize the projects into stunning styled visuals.


How to adapt to the current trends and wedding market needs and of course how to depict meaningful moments that capture the audience.